About Ilana Lingerie XO

My name is Priscilla, and I am the owner of the new boutique! I am 29 years old anda new mother. I also have a full time job during the weekdays which I love. I started Ilana in December of 2020 and launched January 2021. I spent many years in retail fashion prior to having my son, and then transitioned into my now desk job. I desperately missed inspiring people through fashion. I have known I wanted to start an online boutique for some time now, and going into a new year (& the last year in my 20's) it just seemed like the right time to dive into this new venture. And I can't be more thankful for the success I've had so far! 

I'll admit, I was not prepared for the large response I received for our debut collection, and had only offered limited quantities of styles and sizes.. As a small-chested, tall woman with wide hips and a mom tummy - its important to me to ensure everyone feels they have access to Ilana products. So as we move forward and Ilana grows,  I plan to include a wider range of sizes to accommodate all body types!

Our styles are feminine and classy, with a bit of edge, and a touch of flirty and fun. Every style I pick to feature on Ilana, is something I feel makes a statement. The message I would like to extend with my brand includes a few key words; feminine, empowered, delicate, and lastly, progression. What these words mean to me is a reflection of my own relationship with my body. And I believe, many people may hear those words and also relate them to their own journey. Ilana (Eye-Lah-Nuh) is Yoruba for "process." I chose this name to both honor my Nigerian heritage, & because  I truly believe a person's love for their body, over time, is a never ending process. I mean this in the most empowering way. Self love and that reflection of self is a delicate process in which should be intimate, and truly introspective for you and only you to decide what that means. Lingerie is an unmatched and very clear statement - I am here, and I love my body. The ways you can express yourself through lingerie are endless, and I am so excited to see how you all choose to make your statement.